KRG Tactical Bolt Knob Lift For The Remington 700

    You just bought a Remington 700 rifle that you want to make tactical, after a good quality scope and stable bipod what’s next for your 1000 yard sniper rifle? A tactical bolt knob of course! Why would you want to upgrade your bolt knob? Not only do they look cool but they give the shooter a better grip which helps you manipulate the bolt more efficiently. If you’ve already blown your long distance rifle money on good glass, rings, or a chassis then here’s a budget friendly tactical bolt knob for you. Kinetic Research Group’s Bolt Lift is an easy to install tactical bolt knob for your Remington 700 rifle that won’t break the bank.

    Kinetic Research Group are the folks behind the FOX-42 Precision Rifle chassis and the Whiskey line of rifle chassis. It doesn’t actually replace your factory bolt knob at all, instead it attaches to the factory knob via one screw. No need to have a gunsmith cut and re-thread your bolt to fit a larger tactical knob.

    They’re made in the USA and they retail for just $28, they’re available in black, tan and OD green and are available in a textured or grooved style. They should fit most Remington 700 rifles, they don’t fit the Remington 783 however. Check them out at

    They’re also available on Amazon as well.



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