Wilson Combat Sentinel Professional

    Wilson Combat Sentinel Professional

    The Sentinel Professional is the latest 1911 style handgun introduced by Wilson Combat. The new pistol has a shortened slide with a full length grip, and it is available only in 9mm and .38 Super.

    These pistols are built on a carbon steel frame that has a rounded butt. It is matched to a 3.6″ carbon steel slide. The fluted barrel is cut flush with the end of the frame. The barrel is considered match grade with a reverse crown and fluted chamber.


    Wilson Combat equips this pistol with a fiber optic front sight and a Battlesight rear. The slide stop is countersunk, and the front strap has 30 LPI high cut checkering. Wilson Combat uses the Tactical Bullet Proof thumb safety and magazine release on the Sentinel Professional pistol.

    Wilson Combat uses its own black cherry slant grip panels. The grips have a pewter medallion in the center of each and are affixed to the frame with Torx head screws. The trigger pull is set to 3.5 – 3.75 pounds at the factory.


    The Wilson Combat Sentinel Professional has a base price of $3,750. The gun is not cheap, but the company has an excellent reputation for turning out top notch firearms. The gun’s value – like its beauty – is in the eye of the beholder.


    In recent weeks, the company announced a new CQB shotgun and 9mm carbine.

    Richard Johnson

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