BREAKING: Sandy Hook Lawsuit Against Remington, Camfour Inc., and the East Windsor Gun Shop Allowed To Move Forward

    Judge Barbara Bellis of the Superior Court in Bridgeport, Connecticut rejected a bid by Remington, Camfour Inc., and the East Windsor Gun Shop to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the families of the victims killed in the Sandy Hook massacre.  The original argument from Remington, Camfour Inc., and the East Windsor Gun Shop was that both the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) and the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act denied the Connecticut jurisdiction the ability to hear and decide the case.  Specifically that is one point in the language that the judge rejected–that the state court could not handle the case.

    Also this would be the first case to be filed under an exception listed in the federal law.  One of the main points of the case is that the marketing efforts by Bushmaster (Remington Outdoor Company) played an influential role in the motivation of the gunman to conduct the crime.  There have only been two other cases that have gone to jury trial (one for, one against) with regard to the PLCAA.

    Despite this ruling from the judge, the case itself will still have to be measured against the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, federally.  Meaning that it is not decided, just allowed to move forward.  One step closer to “things not good”.

    I read through the decision and honestly kept getting lost in the language.  So, if my above summary is incorrect, please call it out in the comments, and I will update this with the corrections.

    The full decision was posted by the Wall Street Journal at:

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