Green American Rimfire Rifles

    green ruger

    Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. has a long history of working with distributors to produce limited runs of firearms that serve various shooting niches. Frequently, these guns will offer color options not normally available from the factory. This is one of those cases.

    Ruger teamed up with distributor Sports South to produce a pair of American Rimfire rifles that may appeal to a segment of the shooters in the market for a new gun.

    American Rimfire – .22 LR

    Ruger is making a version of the American Rimfire chambered in .22 LR that is fitted with an OD green stock. The adjustable buttstock section remains black giving the rifle a pleasing two-tone (black and OD green) look. The steel receiver and 18″ barrel have a dark blued finish.

    As with the original American Rimfire rifles, these bolt action guns use the company’s 10/22 magazines, including the BX-25. The gun ships with a 10 round rotary magazine standard.

    American Rimfire – .22 WMR

    This .22 WMR gun also has an OD green stock and looks very similar to the .22 LR version. This gun also has an 18″ barrel. For obvious reasons, it does not accept the .22 LR magazines from the 10/22. It comes with a nine round JMX-1 magazine instead.┬áBoth guns have the company’s Ruger Marksman adjustable trigger.

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