[Big 3 East] IWI X95 and Updates

    IWI has been a regular down here at Big 3 East. Michael Kassnar, VP of IWI US, updated us on the status of the Galil ACE recall. According to Mike, the Galil ACE that was submitted to the ATF had two holes in the receiver. When they received the production models from Israel, they were machined with three holes and no one noticed. Not until an FFL/SOT called them on it and asked “How did you get a three hole receiver approved by ATF?” That is what started an immediate recall of the Galil ACE. At the moment there are 40 units still out in the wild. They are hoping to get that number down to 20. Right now IWI is the carrot. They are offering full retail price returns to customers including shipping. Once IWI can get as many as they can, then it is up to the ATF to be the stick. The whole “Oh I lost it in a boating accident” or “I think I sold it” will not fly with the ATF.  The ATF did allow IWI US to strip as many parts as possible from the non-compliant three hole Galils. The barrel was not salvageable. Due to ATF regulations, once a barrel is mated to a full auto receiver it is considered a machine gun barrel. So the barrel and receiver must be destroyed.

    The Galil ACE pistol will be available with an SB Tactical brace designed to simulate the look of the Galil ACE wire stock. And yes, it will be side folding.



    Their Uzi Pro will also be available with an SB Tactical brace.  The braced models will be sold for an additional $120. The brace setup will be sold for $179 individually for the people who already have Uzi Pros without a brace.DSC_0206

    Mike mentioned that they will be releasing the IWI DAN. It is a bolt action rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. They did not bring one for us to play with as IWI US is still test firing it and there is only one in the country right now. IWI US will be unveiling it officially at the NRA Show and will retail for $7k.



    As of March 29, 2016, IWI US shipped out its first commercial X95. It has removable covers to reveal side picatinny rails. The charging handle has been relocated to be closer to the CG of the weapon. The controls are now more like the AR15. The magazine release is just in reach of the firing hand index finger. They improved the trigger pack and now the X95 trigger is about 4-6lb pull. This new trigger will be available separately and is backwards compatible with the Tavor SAR. The trigger pack will be sold for $199.99. The X95 has a modular grip. It can have a large cutlass style handguard, like the Tavor SAR. Or it can be changed to a standard pistol grip and normal sized trigger guard.


    IWI US will be coming out with an SBR’d version of the X95 since there is a demand for the X95 Micro Tavor. It will have a 13″ barrel. No word on price or availability just yet.



    The X95 will be made in .300blk as well as a 9mm variant. Right now conversion kits for the Tavor in .300blk is held up due to proofing the barrels and head spacing. Getting the ammo takes time and that ammo has to be exported to Israel for them to test the barrels.

    There was mention of a .22LR conversion kit and someone actually made a kit for the Tavor. However IWI and the manufacturer of the kit could not get the price down low enough to make it viable. The kit would have costed $500 just to convert a Tavor to shoot .22lr.

    My friend Jim and I tested the X95 with my Magpul D60 drum mag. While it works with the X95, the drum hits your wrist. You end up having to chicken wing the rifle to clear the drum.

    DSC_0308 DSC_0309 DSC_0310 DSC_0314

    The D60 also works in the traditional Tavor.


    PHIL note: We have an X-95 ordered for review-:)

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