Polymer 80 S150 frames shipping in early April

    The Nevada based company that produces mostly 80 percent finished AR lowers, will be soon be shipping out their 80 percent Glock frames in early April. According to this latest press release/update, the initial shipping will begin on April 6th, and they will be shipped out by placement of order. Apparently the company wasn’t satisfied with the look of their picatinny rail, so they are going back to make a few slight changes to the design of the rail, and that is what is causing the most recent delay in the shipment. Earlier on TFB we blogged that they would be shipping in January of this year, however that was in November of last year, and the company seemed to have pushed their shipment date up by four months. They are available for sale at this link, currently on a pre sale going at $135.99 as opposed to the post opening price of $179.99.

    We have now completed the initial testing of what we consider the final prototype of the S150 80% Polymer Pistol Frame. The good news is that it works great and is fairly easy to mill with a drill press.  We have completed all of our test frames and have experienced no siginificant problems.  Unfortunately during the test-firing, it was revealed that a final adjustment to the elevation is needed, which requires an adjustment on the injection mold at the Picatinny rail section. This change requires 10 additional business days to complete, per our manufacturer.

    Bottom Line:  Due to the changes to the mold, our timeline will have to shift to the first full week of April, with the first day of shipping on Wed April 6th.  The change on the Picatinny rail is unavoidable; we have attempted to avoid making the adjustments in order to be on target for production.  However, we know our customers will be even more dissatisfied with a flawed final product than having to wait a couple weeks longer to receive their orders.

    To recap for those readers who might have missed the previous article, the S150 frame comes to you as an 80 percent finished product, with you having to mill out the barrel bridge, top rails of the reciever, and the slide guide rails. Once this is completed, you are then supposed to install all the metal components that come with a standard Glock frame, such as the trigger group, magazine catch, etc… and you put a standard Glock slide/barrel/recoil spring on the frame, and you then have a functioning Glock like handgun. 80 percent lowers exist  for the 1911 platform, but this will be the first time a design is put to market for the Glock platform. All the tools necessary to complete this production are included with the product.

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