New DOLOS System from Huntertown Arms

    The AR-15, while a highly effective weapons system, known for its modularity, has not been known for using a quick-change barrel. That changed in the last two years with two systems introduced to the market, the DOLOS from Huntertown Arms and the Q/D system from DRD Tactical.

    Both systems had their issues; the Dolos was able to be removed during firing and the DRD Tactical system still required a tool. The Dolos is the first up with its revision, removing the ability to remove the barrel without depressing a detent, making it field-ready for those who had trepidation at the previous twist-only configuration.The new system keeps the same ratchet system to provide torque to the receiver.

    For those wanting to create a true multi-caliber platform, the Dolos is offered as both the base and handguard kit and a handguard only for those wanting to deploy additional barrels and/or calibers on their system. Additionally, the new system is directly compatible with YHM’s rounded handguards that used the threaded-on lock-nut.

    The new Dolos is offered through Copper Custom, or the company started by Tim from Military Arms Channel in partnership with Blythe’s Gun Shop. The complete kit is in-stock and available for purchase for $200. The handguard-only portion is priced at $125


    Nathan S

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