POTD: 21 Yr Old Arrested For Toy Gun

    A 21 year old man, in Singapore, was arrested in his home after people reported seeing him wielding the gun shaped object, pictured above, at a local mass rapid transit station. Now I am all for people enjoying what makes them happy. Be it Nerf like guns painted black. Is it stupid to be exposing that to an ignorant public? Yes. Same thing goes with using airsoft in public. Not a good idea and brings unwanted attention. Singapore is a strict country. We all know the tales of caning due to graffiti and gum chewing. Well they take firearm related incidents very serious. Many of my friends in the Nerf community, in Singapore, have told me that the police watch them and have files on them. All for Nerf guns. Airsoft is contraband in Singapore. And possessing it is almost as bad as a real firearm.  For more information about this guy you can see it in this article.