The Importance of Proper Rifle Technique

    Its importance cannot be overstated, because if you fail to properly shoulder a rifle (or shotgun) its recoil is likely to make its presence known. Unfortunately, that presence tends to be made known in rather painful ways. This particular issue may be a chicken or the egg type discussion for some among us while for others it won’t matter because what is, is. No debate needed.

    For the purpose of anonymity – because when you stumble across something in your social media feed, it isn’t always wise to broadcast it complete with pictures – pictures will not be used. But you should get the idea with the help of a description. This has to do with shouldering rifles (or shotguns).

    When a long gun is properly shouldered and gripped, especially those of larger calibers, the shooter will feel the recoil but won’t necessarily be marked by it. If a large-caliber rifle is not properly shouldered, it’s going to leave a mark. If that mark is in an unusual location – say, in the middle of the upper arm – it becomes quickly clear the gun wasn’t being held right. Right?

    If the person with the unusually-located bruise argues the issue has to do with the size of the rifle rather than their grip, who is right? If they post pictures of themselves shouldering said rifle, pictures showing it tucked against their arm, not their shoulder, you have your answer.

    Learning how to use rifles, and long guns in general, is important. Improper grip could lead to all manner of problems from wounding an animal rather than delivering a clean kill to a bullet zipping towards an innocent bystander.

    Although this is not officially a “Firearms Food for Thought” post it is a topic fitting for such a debate. What comes first, proper grip and technique or a custom-fit rifle?

    What do you think?

    TFB Staffer

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