The 1911 Keychain Adapter & Holster

    Just when I think that there is enough tactical sh*t out there, Tactical has upped the ante yet again. Since, you know, just because, someone, everyone, needs to be able to holster their keys, is now offering a mini 1911 and holster to be able to mount your keys.

    Supposedly manufactured by Blade-Tech (according to EHobbyAsia and the logos on the mini kit), the kit includes two components: the polymer handgun (which is equipped with an uber-tactical mini rail for mini-lights) and the holster complete with belt adapter. Looking at the screw pattern, its entirely possible, but not confirmed, that the holster could conceivably adapt with any of Blade-Tech’s various accessories.


    The handgun itself slides into the holster with passive (i.e. Level I) retention that does not look adjustable. The key ring adapter ring runs through the heel of the grip with a larger flat key ring attached. Photos show at least a single key fob being held by the polymer wonder key holster, but no reports or specs on how much weight the holster and/or handgun could actually handle.

    Dissapointingly, no report if the holster would work with Arsenal’s miniature handguns. 

    One can pick up this tactical sh*t from for a measly $9.99


    Nathan S

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