New MTM Case-Gard Gear

    MTM Case-Gard

    MTM Case-Gard manufactures a wide range of relatively low cost shooting accessories. For 2016, the company introduced a number of new products including a lightweight, portable shooting rest and shotgun shell storage box. Here is a look at several of the company’s newest products:

    100 Round 22 Box

    One of the staples in the MTM Case-Gard catalog is its plastic ammunition boxes. Popular with reloaders, these boxes offer a reasonably durable way to store loaded rounds and keep the rain and dirt off of them when at the range or in the field.

    For 2016, the company introduced a case that will hold 100 rounds of either .22 LR or .25 ACP ammo. The plastic boxes are stackable and come in a clear blue color.

    Tactical Magazine Cans

    400TMCHG loaded

    MTM Case-Gard manufactures a number of plastic containers that mimic the style and function of military ammo cans. New for this year, the company is selling containers in that design vein that come with a precut foam insert. Depending on the version you buy, the inserts can be set up for 1911 magazines, double stack pistol magazines (such as the Glock or SIG), AR rifle magazines or a combination unit that matches AR mags with pistol magazines.

    Capacity of each design varies according to the size of the magazines being stored. The cases are stackable and water resistant with included O-rings.

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