Review: Nexbelt Ratcheing CCW belt

    I saw the Nexbelt at SHOT Show and got one to try out. I have been wearing it now as my EDC belt. The Nexbelt was designed for Golfers. However Nexbelt partnered with MGM targets to make the CCW series of belts. The Defender belts are reinforced leather for CCW. They also have a tactical belt line.


    The tactical nylon straps are made from a super-high-density microfiber material that’s an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester fibers. I opted for the leather Defender belt as I already have enough tactical nylon belts.


    My assortment of EDC belts.


    All of my EDC belts have a common theme. They are all tactical range belts. The buckles are big and stand out compared to the Nexbelt buckle.



    They sent me two buckles. The silver buckle is what they normally come with however I wanted the black coated one so I could laser engrave the TFB logo into it. They offered to do it for me when i mentioned that. It turned out great.



    The Nexbelt features a unique ratcheting system called “Precise Fit”. The ratcheting system allows the wearer to adjust the belt in 1/4″ increments compared to traditional belts with holes. I do not know the weight limit of the ratcheting system, compared to the tactical belts with Cobra buckles that are designed to hold a tremendous amount of weight. However I do not foresee needing to be hoisted by my belt when I need to dress up.


    Changing belt buckles is easy. You just lift the tab underneath and slide the belt out. Then swap the buckle and close the tab to lock the buckle onto the belt.



    All Nexbelts are one size fits all. They can accommodate a 52″ waist. There are markings on the back side of the belt. Just cut the belt to your waist size.



    I was a little cautious and cut the band and extra inch just in case. It is easy to cut more off but you can’t add more belt if you cut it too short.



    I have been using the belt with my IWB holster for my Sig P938. I also used it as a range belt last Sunday at an action match. I hung my mag pouches and my OWB Off The Grid MKVI holster for my Glock with ALG Defense Six Second Mount. The belt held up great. Not sure about long term use as it is leather. We shall see. The one aspect that I like the most is how easy it is to put on and take off. You just slide the belt into the buckle and it automatically clicks to the precise-fit notches. Then if I need to open the belt I just press the release lever and the belt slides out with ease. I have not seen a faster belt system for carrying a gun. Sure the range belts with Cobra Buckles are fast to open and close but adjusting them takes longer. With the Nexbelt, adjusting and putting the belt on is one fluid motion.

    The tactical nylon belts are $49.99 and the Defender leather belts are $59.99. Go to their website for more information.


    Edit: As per request here is a picture of the cut end.


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