.510 Beck AR Drum Mag

    What in the heck is a .510 Beck you ask? The .510 Beck is a big straight walled cartridge that was developed by Beck Defense, it is compatible with .308 platform AR-10 lowers but it needs a different bolt, barrel and magazines to function. They’ll be available in 327 grains all the way up to 680 grains. While Beck Defense developed the cartridge, Devil Dog Arms will be making the rifles for them and Lancer will be making the magazines. You can check out our coverage of the .510 Beck cartridge at the 2016 SHOT Show.

    A sneak peek pic of a new drum magazine for the .510 Beck cartridge was recently released. The drum mag is actually based on the .308 50 round drum mags from X Products. Currently only a non skeletonized version is in the works but a skelentonized version of the .510 Beck AR Drum Mag is planned to help minimize weight. A confirmed release date or MSRP hasn’t been announced as of yet, but I’d imagine it would be around the same $300 range as X Product’s 50 round drum mags for the AR-10. Check out BeckDefense.net for more info and a release date. The .510 Beck cartridge itself is supposed to be available in the third quarter of 2016.


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