CZ Urban Grey Suppressor Ready Series

    CZ P-09

    CZ announced a new line of handguns for 2016 that are finished in Urban Grey and are considered “suppressor ready.” There are five guns in the new line. According to the company, consumer demand for threaded barrel guns has increased substantially, so the company wanted to double the options available to its customers. Based on the number of new guns introduced recently that are suppressor ready, I suspect that many companies are hearing the same thing from their customers.

    Here is a brief overview of what is available.


    This variation of the P-09 sports an Urban Grey frame with a black slide and other details. The threaded barrel is 5.2″ long and comes with a thread protector. The 9mm gun ships with a pair of extended 21-round magazines. Additionally, it has tall tritium night sights that should clear the top of most suppressors. The MSRP is $629.


    The P-07 is another polymer framed pistol from CZ. This variant features a 4.5″ threaded barrel and ships with two 17 round magazines. Other features, such as the color and sights, mirror the P-09 above. It has a suggested retail price of $537.

    75 SP-01

    This SP-01 features an Urban Grey finish on the slide and frame while the rubber grip panels and other details are black. It also ships with two extended magazines: 18 rounders for this pistol. This gun is fitted with a 5.2″ threaded barrel and tall night sights. The MSRP is $723.

    CZ 75-B

    75 B Ω

    A variation of the normal 75 B Ω pistols, this one features the same variations of the SP-01 including the 5.2″ barrel and 18 round magazines. The suggested retail price is a little cheaper at $636.

    75 P-01

    The final member of the new Urban Grey Suppressor Ready line is the 75 P-01. This pistol is a slightly more compact version of the CZ 75 and consequently has a 4.5″ barrel and 16 round extended magazine. Otherwise, the features are the same as the SP-01 above. The MSRP is $653.

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