Moldova Special Forces Cup Pistol Stage

    I am a fan of competitive shooting so I found this interesting. In a normal sanctioned match, the RO would have stopped the shooter for losing his hearing protection. However this is a special match for Special Forces they are not concerned about hearing protection. More interesting is the course of fire. The shooter’s hands are handcuffed together and submerged in ice water. This is commonly referred to as the cold pressor test. The Mythbusters used this to scientifically apply pain to their volunteers. Suffice to say, it is an interesting challenge in a shooting match. I have heard of other challenges. Like at a West Point Two-gun match, shooters must carry two 5 gallon jerry cans filled with water. carry them back and forth along the course of fire, something like 50 yards, before picking up a gun and shooting it.  I am not sure what the tactical ninja roll was for, probably just for fun rather than waste time running around the bench. I am rather impressed with the manipulation and reloads while handcuffed. There is a little bit of blood shown where the handcuffs cut into the shooter’s wrists.

    Looks like he might be shooting a CZ75? Can anyone identify the pistol?

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