The New T/C Compass

    TC Compass

    Thompson/Center recently introduced a new centerfire rifle called the Compass. The Compass is a bolt-action rifle that was created “for serious hunters on a budget.” The line consists of ten different calibers.


    The Compass rifle uses a three lug bolt design. The bolt handle lift moves only 60˚ to improve scope clearance and increase cycling time. Thompson/Center uses a three position safety that appears large enough to easily manipulate, but not so large as to be accidentally engaged.


    T/C uses a single stage trigger that is user adjustable for pull weight. The trigger can be adjusted from 3.5 to 5.0 pounds. T/C states the trigger is crisp with a “minimum of overtravel.”


    Barrel lengths on the rifles vary between 22″ – 24″ depending on caliber. Standard calibers get the shorter lengths while the Magnums get the longer length. The company uses 5R rifling in all of the barrels, and they are free floated. Also common to all of the barrels is that they are threaded and come with a thread protecting cap.

    According to T/C the barrels are “threaded…for suppressor” lending further evidence to my statements regarding sound suppressors becoming mainstream. Of course, this rifle is just one of several new hunting guns that have a threaded barrel. Two different thread patterns are used and are determined by caliber.


    T/C went with a detachable, rotary style magazine for the new Compass rifles. The magazines fit flush to the stock.


    • 204 Ruger
    • 223 Rem/5.56 NATO
    • 22-250 Rem
    • 243 Win
    • 270 Win
    • 7mm-08
    • 7mm Rem Mag
    • 308 Win
    • 30-06 Sprg
    • 300 Win Mag
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