MAC Shoots the Daewoo K2

    Tim from Military Arms Channel was able to get his hands on a Daewoo K2, an interesting derivative of the base AR-15 that has some features reminiscent of the venerable AK platform.

    The rifle itself has an interesting history, which ends with it still being in service as the primary service rifle of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) today. Although its replacement is in the works, the weapon serves well to this day.

    In terms of function, the rifle is a hybrid rifle of the AR and the AK-47. The bolt is similar to the AR, but rather than the use a sprung ejector, it uses a sprung “fixed” ejector that moves up on a spring to eject the shell. From there, the bolt has a fixed charging handle on the right hand side of the receiver.

    Back to the AR, it uses an AR-style trigger system, uses STANAG magazines, and an AR-style bolt catch. Magazine release is only on the right-hand. The sights are fixed like an FNC, with fixed front sight on the gas block and the rear built directly in the receiver.

    Unlike many modern firearms designs, the rifles do not typically have a picatinny rail or provision for optics (hence the upcoming replacement). Enjoy the video below on an interesting weapons design!

    We’ve covered some of Tim’s other great videos like the M9A3 or the testing of pull and release triggers. 

    Nathan S

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