How To Unjam A Magpul D60 Drum Mag.

    I recently acquired a Magpul D60 drum magazine. As I was looking up disassembly instructions, I came across this video by Twangnbang. The information in this video is helpful. Not that i plan to jam my drum but he tells you what NOT to do. There is really only one way to jam the drum. And that method can possibly lead to breaking the drum. It has to do with unloading the D60. If you unload the drum with the latch in the vertical position, the drum will not unwind itself and the remaining round can cause a jam once the latch unlocks. If you try to lift the load gate and rapidly unload the drum, you could damage the drum. Without the tension of the load gate, the drum will unwind faster than it is designed to do so. It will unwind faster than a full auto mag dump. That is where the drum could self destruct and become permanently damaged.

    The steps shown in the video below are purportedly to be Magpul’s official method to unjamming the drum safely.

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