[GAO] R.A.G.E Tune-able Muzzle Brake

    At the Great American Outdoor Show, in Harrisburg, PA, I came across UM Tactical. Somehow we missed this at SHOT Show. UM Tactical has a tune-able muzzle brake called R.A.G.E. (Rapid Adjustable Gas Expulsion). It retails for only $159.99. The RAGE conforms to 3Gun Nation and USPSA Multi-Gun rules so you should be able to use this in any division.

    The RAGE brake comes with 5 port washers that you can mix and match to reduce recoil and muzzle climb. The washers are keyed to the muzzle brake. Depending on your preference you can rotate the washer 180 degrees before installing it onto the brake and close off the ports if you don’t need them.


    In the photo below you can see the first washer side port is slightly off center to the subequent two behind it. That is done on purpose to mitigate the typical shot that tends to move up and to the right that most right handed shooters experience.



    The numbers indicate the angle of the ports by how many degrees it is shifted.

    Rage 1 Rage 2


    Here is a video by Justin Winstead briefly explaining the RAGE and test firing it.


    The RAGE comes in .223/5.56 and is available now. UM Tactical also makes the RAGE in .308 and 9mm but are not available on their website just yet.

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