Century Arms Faces $5 Million Class-Action Lawsuit

    Century Arms, Inc. is now subject to a class-action lawsuit filed on January 19th over defective AK-47 safety / selectors. In short, the lawsuit claims that the safety / selector used on most Century Arms AK’s after 1995 are capable of moving past safe and when moved such, able to discharge a round unintentionally.

    An example video of the defect is courtesy of YouTube channel MattV2099which showcases the issue:

    The case also calls out a video from channel IntoWeapons, which also demonstrates the issue of the full auto safety / selector. Of late, Century has had a few videos showing issues including this one of a weapon catastrophically detonating. 

    And before you think the case is frivolous, the plaintiff has retained Angelo Marino, Jr. who previously won a class-action against Taurus International to the tune of $30 million.

    The suit is filed as Erickson vs. Century Arms et. al. in Federal Court in Florida. Damages are sought at or above $5 million by the class. The suit alleges that Century did not warn consumers about the issue when it that they knew, or should have known based on testing, that the safety selectors in question could cause the issue.

    The lawsuit specifies models C39,  M70, 1960, 1980, and other 7.62×39 chambered semi-automatic AK-pattern rifles.

    If you have any rifles that may be effected, I would advise that one replaces their safety / selector.

    On the flip side, their C93’s are a fantastic HK style rifle per our review. 

    Nathan S

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