Anti Drone device uses rifle, but no ammunition

    This odd contraption had a video released about it in October last year. It is a mechanical device that attaches to the picatinny rails of a firearm, that when aimed at a commercial drone, it sends out a radio pulse in that direction via a sort of electromagnetic wave, that is a signal that activates the out of range signals on many drones. When these signals are activated, the drone thinks it is out of range from the origin location or the control point. It is then programmed to do one of three tasks: Land, hover, or return to the point of origin. The video shows it landing in place, but I’m curious as to what models of drones this would affect. In addition to what sort of blocking mechanism could drone tweekers work into their devices to override this device. I also don’t quite understand how the company is using an AR receiver to mount this device on, and whether they intend to sell it like this. It might just be for the camera, to show how the system works. If anything, I think the system would be effective mounted on an actual shotgun of some sort, so if the drone doesn’t react to the system, then you could still blow it out of the sky if it is above your personal or business property, especially if loaded with birdshot. However the potential for this device in urban areas should be good, if it can be further proven. You also wouldn’t even need an AR upper and lower to use it, I assume a broom handle or similar tube would be just as sufficient.

    I just took a look at the company’s page, which is the Battle Drone Defender, and it appears that they are offline because of current testing and evaluation. In the legal way of things perhaps.


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