$18 Muzzle Brake – From AR Pros

    It just goes to show that often in this industry that price of an item can have little relevance to its function, AR Pros has an $18 Muzzle Brake available through Amazon.com. The company touts the brake as its “short competition” model “with upgraded features” (though I am not sure what those “upgraded” features could possibly be).

    Sarcasm and witty prose aside, I am actually quite impressed with the brake relative to the price itself. Putting on my manufacturing hat, its a drop-dead simple piece of machining using either a life tooling lathe or two set-ups using traditional mills after a standard lathe. The milling is very basic (just through the bore with no intricate patterns using a standard size bit).


    The result is something that is cost and function-effective. While the porting is straight to the side, the multiple chambers and surface area will ensure the brake is effective.

    Mounting of the brake is via a jam-nut (note, not the standard crush-washer mount). Weight is 4.16 ounces (heavy, relatively speaking) with dimensions coming in just shy of most competition circuit rules. The brake is 2.24 inches long and .94″ diameter. The brake is finished in standard phosphate.

    Retail is $18.99, but Amazon Prime customers can pick it up for the mentioned $18 ($17.99, technically).


    Nathan S

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