[SHOT 2016] Hunter A2 Electronic Ear Protection

    Walking around SHOT show this year I came across a neat set of hearing protection. The Hunter A2, manufactured by Hunter Electronic is a low profile, active electronic solution for protecting an end users hearing. Up until SHOT show, I was not aware of this company, however, they seem to have a large market share in Europe. The Hunter A2 series has microphones on both left and right ear muffs that amplify hearing, yet block sound above 82 decibels.  The microphones have separate adjustments, and the Hunter A2 boasts “sound direction detection”. The Hunter A2 series has an IP54 rating, which means they are both protected from dust and water spray. The Hunter A2 has a 3.5mm input jack for a communication radio. The external communication radio is not dependent on the Hunter A2 having battery power. In regards to batteries, the Hunter A2 will run 300 hours on 4 AAA alkaline batteries. The Hunter A2 has a noise reduction/single number rating of 26db. For comparison my Howard Leigh ear muffs have a single number rating of 25db. Pretty comparable. I like the low profile construction of these ear muffs. If I bought a pair of these, I would cerakote the housing black or green. I am anxious to see how the American market responds to these. I would love to test the “sound direction detection”. Perhaps my editors can arrange a test.


    The Hunter A2. This headset is very compact.The headset weighs 260 grams/9.17 ounces/.57 pounds.


    The top cover of the Hunter A2 is made of nylon.


    The Hunter A2’s microphone can be independently adjusted.



    The Hunter A2 compared to my Howard Leigh ear protection. The Hunter A2 appears to be more compact. then the Howard Leigh.

    Thomas Gomez

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