Full Auto 9mm AR In Taiwan

    Yesterday Apple Daily News in Taiwan reported a story about a gun being used during a crime. Firearms in most of Asia are very difficult to obtain. Aside from the Philippines, it is almost impossible and in most cases using one illegally is an automatic death sentence.

    Well here is what happened. A guy owed another guy money, I assume some form of loan shark. He got beat up for owing that money. The debtor decides to get revenge and word gets out to the loan shark. The loan shark calls up his buddies and one of them was armed with this 9mm AR.


    If you look closely the lower says Spikes Tactical. However the PDW style stock looks like the Airsoft stock by VFC/Umarex on their HK416C. Which you can see an image below.




    As far as I know that style PDW stock does not exist in the real steel AR world. Most importantly the method in which that stock is attached, it is not possible for a buffer to be used in that setup. That style stock is all for looks and does not attach nor function as a buffer tube for a real AR.


    Aside from the dubious nature of the weapon used in the crime, the story of the shooter is just as silly. The shooter is a friend of the loan shark. They chased the victim in two separate cars. While trying to shoot the victim one of the loan shark friends drove in the path of the bullets. He shot the friendly car and killed the driver. He shot the victim’s car as well missing the victim and shot the victim’s friend in both legs. The gun was set to full auto and he had a difficult time controlling it. His excuse was “I don’t read English well so I did not know the gun was set to full auto”

    The story is bizarre. Sure there is corruption and crime in many places. But to go after a guy who owes you money with an illegal weapon such as this, is mind boggling. I am curious to see if the AR is truly a real AR or a converted airsoft gun to shoot real bullets.

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