[SHOT 2016] What’s new at Black Hills Ammunition

    Admittedly, I have always been a big fan of Black Hills Ammunition.  I find their ammo to be extremely accurate and of a very high quality, and have done very well with it in competitions while using it against other competitors using handloads.  That being said, I was excited to check out what new loadings they were offering this year.  Lehigh Defense’s Xtreme Defense bullet seems to have caught on quite well, as Black Hills now offers loads in both .380 and .38 special loaded with their bullets.  The .380 is a 60gr load with a MV (muzzle velocity) of 1100fps, while, the .38 is a +P 100gr load with a MV of 1275fps.

    L to R: .380 60gr, .38 special +p 100gr, .300 whisper 125gr, .308 55gr

    L to R: .380 60gr, .38 special +p 100gr, .300 whisper 125gr, .308 55gr

    For rifles, Black HIlls now offers a 125gr STMK (Sierra Tipped Match King) .300 Whisper with a BC of .332 and a MV of 2200fps.  For those of you who are wondering, the .300 Whisper is non-SAAMI standardized, but most factory .300 whisper loads can be safely fired out of .300 Blackout chambers, though the reverse is not always true.  I did not get a chance to ask if they had tested this particular load in a .300BLK chamber.  They also have a new Black Hills Gold load for the .308, a 155gr STMK moving at 2750fps out of a 24″ barrel.  Most significantly, it has a BC of .519, which is flatter shooting than their 168gr OTM loads.  I look forward to trying some of these out at the range!P1211278Thanks to Black Hills Ammunition for their time!

    Rusty S.

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