[SHOT 2016] Silynx Clarus Pro

    Silynx is known for making hearing protection communication devices for military and law enforcement. Well now Silynx is looking toward the civilian market.

    The CLARUS PRO is a unique noise cancelling, hearing protection headset system designed to meet the needs of today’s active headset user! Silynx leveraged its combat proven technologies to defy the convention that electronic hearing protection must be big and bulky or small and fragile! CLARUS PRO is low-profile and environmentally ruggedized to withstand dirt, mud, water, shock, vibration, and any element that would overcome other headsets. Provides active hearing protection (NRR 25), hear-thru capability for situational awareness, and cellphone/mobile audio connectivity.

    Accessories include: polymer storage case, smartphone adaptor cable, ear tips, ear retainers, AAA Battery, user manual

    The most interesting aspect of this system is that it is can connect to your smartphone and use it as a headset at the same time as hearing protection and sound amplification. There are other electronic hearing protection that can amplify sounds like the Ghost Stryke and Walkers ear buds. But they are not communications devices. The only other type that I can think of would be the MSA Sordins with aux input for a walkie talkie. All of those systems are rather expensive. The Silynx Clarus Pro are only $249.

    As a headset you can listen to music or talk on the phone. While you are listening to that, the Clarus Pro is still piping in audio from outside. So for hunting purposes, you can still listen to noises around you. Just like any other electronic hearing protection, it will shut off any loud noises.

    Here is the setup. It comes with a water resistant case with a storage insert. The headset and cables are managed on the insert and fit inside the case.



    Close up of the microphone.IMG_9032

    The headset runs on a single AAA and has a run time of 80-90 hours. There is a low battery early warning that will alert you.

    The headset has 4 volume settings. Low, medium, high and super normal hearing.



    If you are interested in them, here is their brochure. And they are available on their website.

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