[SHOT 2016] JP Enterprises

    JP Enterprises makes high end race gun AR-15s. My friend Tom has three of them. I have played with them and they are amazing. Especially the .22LR one he has.

    On display they have this Iron Patriot styled AR-15. JP has moved away from traditional charging handles in most of the rifles and have a non-reciprocating side charging handle.




    Here is their new tuneable mass BCG for .308. The cylinders at the back end can be switched out between steel and tungsten. This allows the user to tune the weight of the bolt for smoother operation. This is only useful for the .308. So we won’t see a .223 or 9mm version any time soon.



    JP is coming out with a very light weight AR-10 that is only 7 lbs.



    Here is their new light weight Silent Captured Spring. It is 2oz lighter.


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