[SHOT 2016] AK50 prototype

    Brandon from The AK Guy was out at SHOT with his design for his AK50, a Kalashnikov inspired .50 BMG rifle. He only came out with it on the second day of SHOT, because he ran into some trouble with the regulations, but not the law. The hotel he was in has rules about keeping firearms, or replica firearms in hotel rooms, so initially confiscated the design, but later returned it to him. Regardless, he was able to showcase it at one of the booths in the show.

    The design is still in its infancy, so really what we are looking at is the body of the rifle, made out of aluminum, essentially the receiver, cover, and handguards. But the barrel is a real .50 BMG barrel. There are no internals or working parts inside it, other than the Magpul stock. The cover is a Krinkov style cover, hinged at the base of the gas system. The magazines are going to be Barrett 10 round .50 BMG magazines. The muzzle brake appears to be a prototype as well, and the thing is massive. The bipod is also just a demonstration model, as it certainly won’t hold up to actual firing. I’m very much looking forward to the successful completion of the project, especially if the price point is manageable.

    _MG_7780 _MG_7784 _MG_7785 _MG_7786 _MG_7788 _MG_7789 _MG_7791


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