Shot Show Optics: Zeiss Victory V8 1-8x30mm Riflescope

    Zeiss introduced the new Victory V8 8-fold optic line at the Shot 2016. All four models are part of Zeiss’ top-of-the-line Victory series. Of the four, I had some range time with the 1-8x30mm model during the Media Day.



    Being a premium hunting model, the fit and finish on the Zeiss Victory V8 1-8x30mm is top notch. The ocular lens is quit large at 46mm. The eye-relief is a constant 3.75-inch. The length is 12-inch and the weight is at 21 ounce. While the 12-inch is the typical hunting scope length, its 21 ounce weight is actually lighter than many 1-6x scopes. The MSRP is $2888.



    The Zeiss V8 1-8x30mm riflescope features Zeiss illuminated Reticle 60 on the 2nd focal plane. The center dot is illuminated via a micro fiber-optic that’s smaller than the reticle line. The illumination is daylight visible with a dot that’s a precise 1/3 MOA. Like all of the Zeiss top-end Victory models, the optical performance is incredible.



    What sets the Zeiss Victory V8 apart from other 1-8x scope is the use of a large 30mm objective lens. Most of the 1-8x scope on the market are using the 24mm object size. The Zeiss offers up to 30% large exit pupil than those, which led to a bright view and larger eyebox. The trade-off is that Zeiss is using an uncommon 36mm tube size.



    Another premium feature is the digital illumination power control. From my previous review of the Zeiss Conquest model, I know that the digital power system used in the Zeiss micro-fiber optic model has a 150+ hours battery life from a CR2032 lithium battery. The new Victory V8 models improved on top of that with the addition of a motion and tilt sensor. Both of those features can be disable manually. The battery compartment is low-profile and at an easy accessible top mounted location.



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