[SHOT 2016] SureFire FirePak and 2211

    SureFire released their new cell phone case earlier this month. The case will dock with the FirePak. The FirePak has two LEDs and puts out a whopping 1500 lumens. The FirePak can also act as a phone charger backup battery. SureFire has an app that you use to pair the FirePak via Bluetooth. The app will allow you to control the FirePak. You can pair it as a flash for your camera. You can set the FirePak and control its brightness remotely. MSRP is $249 for the FirePak.


    The two vertical protrusions slide and interface with the phone case.  Right now they only have cases for iPhone 6/6S and Samsung Galaxy S5 phones. However you do not need the case to use the light, There is a slider switch on the side that controls the brightness of the light. And you could still use the FirePak app without the case.



    SureFire has been changing their 2211 series of lights. I have the Luminox version. The one on the left is mine and the one on the right is the newer version. The new 2211 doesnt have a TIR lens but rather a reflector like that of the Titan AAA and XC1 lights. The body has changed. Mine has a taller bottom. The new one has a thinner base and it is polymer.





    They also changed the 2211 and made it polymer with a single switch for activation.IMG_8680 IMG_8679



    By making it in polymer, they can reduce the price now to $229. Compared to the aluminum version which is $450.


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