[SHOT 2016] SIG USA Airguns

    While everyone was focusing on the SIG MPX, MCX, and the Legion handguns at the SIG booth, the company had a whole section of new airguns that they are producing. Not airsoft like a number of companies add their name to, but actual .177 caliber CO2 powered airguns. Currently they were offering the P226 Navy, P250, MPX SBR, and an MPX with a faux suppressor as patterns for the airguns. All are offered in various configurations of Flat Dark Earth, Green, and Black. The important thing to note about these airguns is that they are 1:1 replicas. Thus, for training value, their airgun 226s and 250s will take current lights, holsters, and many other accessories that will fit to the actual firearms that they are imitating. All are made from aluminum, but what I found most interesting was the way that SIG configured the CO2 cartridges and the magazine feeds. The MPX versions have the CO2 cartridge hidden in the tubular stock, while the handgun versions have them hidden in the rear portion of the pistol grip with no excess cartridge locking material hanging out. The handguns have a 8 shot rotary system on both sides of the magazine, so once fired, the shooter can change the magazine around and have another 8 shots. However with the MPX, it is essentially a belt fed pellet system, that is pushed up via the action of the charging handle, giving the shooter 30 pellets to shoot from a single magazine.

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