[SHOT 2016] Kriss and Sphinx History

    I stopped at the Kriss booth to see if they were going to share when we might see the Sphinx Standard starting to ship when I noticed a beat to hell Vector in a glass case. I stopped my friend Mytchel mid sentence to ask what the deal was with the Vector. Mytchel informed me that I was looking at Vector number 1, the prototype, serial number 1. I am not the biggest fan boy of the Vector even though the new Gen 2 9mm is amazing to shoot, but I can truly appreciate something special like Vector number 1.



    I also spied three Sphinx pistols in the case next to it that looked a bit off and not quite like the Sphinx SDP that I have grown to love. The case had Sphinx 2000 and 3000 models that were used as the basis that the design of the Sphinx SDP pistols was born from. When I asked Mytchel if there were plans to bring the 2000 or 3000 back into production I was told that there were mo plan at this time. Maybe if all of you yell loud enough they might bring  these great sporting pistols back to the market.

    IMG_0631 IMG_0632