[SHOT 2016] FN’s Expert Training System

    Do you want to shoot in any condition? Do you not want to buy a crap ton of ammo? Do you still want to get better? FN has you covered. For the sum of $3000 FN will sell you a Dry and live fire training system that tracks the movement of your muzzle and the exact point of impact. Using some sort of LED wizardry and some smokey mirrors they are able to track not only the point of impact, but the can track the time it took you to pull the trigger as well as the entire time you spent holding the rifle on target.

    IMG_0402 IMG_0403 IMG_0404

    The system mounts to the rifle using a barrel clamp or a M1913 rail mount allowing you to mount it on just about anything.

    IMG_0409 IMG_0410 IMG_0411

    The system not only tells you where you muzzle was pointed throughout the hold and trigger pull but it also grades you automatically based on your actions. You can see that my sight alignment was good but the trigger pull and hold was mediocre at best. I still think I did OK for being more caffeinated than any person should be.

    With a MSRP of $3000 for a basic system it is a bit steep for most shooters but I can see a real use for police or military that need to train more often and would like to save some coin on ammo. I think it is the ultimate video game and need this in my life.