[SHOT 2016] Civilian Force Arms’ Black Widow 1911

    It appears I am on a bit of a 1911 kick this week as I ran across a company making some truly outstanding hand fitted 1911s and couldn’t help but stop and talk to them a bit. Before I get too far into things I want to give a shout out to the gunsmith that fitted the gun seen here, Yonas Hagos, a Sudanese refugee that was awarded the purple heart for being injured by a RPG attack. You can read about his story here, it is a rather humbling tale that makes me appreciate my relatively tame upbringing.

    IMG_0321 IMG_0327

    Now that I have told you about the man that is making them I want to point out some features that I thought stood out and made me really glad to have spent some time with Yonas and his team. The Black Widow from Civilian Force Arms is offered in Officer’s, Commander, and Government sizes. Each pistol is hand fitted resulting in a rattle free pistol. The custom marked VZ grips with the rather pretty screws were the icing on the cake for me. Coming in at a MSRP of only $1499 for a hand fitted 1911 coming out of a veteran owned company I would say that it a pretty good value considering you are getting a gun that is on par with some of the big name customs at first glance.