SilencerCo Maxim 9

    SilencerCo brought their Maxim 9 prototype out at Media Day At the Range here in SHOT Show 2016. Unfortunately it was only there for show and tell. We were not able to test fire it. There has been some changes since last September when Chris Cheng got to shoot it in international waters on a boat.

    The Maxim9 back then was built off a modified M&P9. Now SilencerCo is going to make the entire gun themselves. One major change is that it will use Glock 17 magazines rather than M&P mags.The grip on this display model is 3D printed. Another change they made to the design is entertaining the idea of making the suppressor modular like the Salvo12 and the Micro Osprey. This way the end user can maintain the suppressor and tune the length for particular rounds.  There is talk about milling the top of the suppressor to countersink an optic. And there are some ideas of making a channel in the bottom of the suppressor for a laser/light module of their own design rather than just slapping an accessory rail and hanging more things under the suppressor.

    Nicholas C

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