[SHOT 2016 Range Day] Reloading Made Easy by the BrassGuys

    I’m that guy. The one that picks up his steel casings on the range, but leaves his brass for some enterprising reloader to come claim. Despite a number of friends that do it, and harangue me about “getting into it”, I’ve just not gone down the reloading pathway in my firearms career. I’ve certainly thought about it, and even worked out the math on what it would take to break even on costs for equipment. Currently it is just one more thing I don’t have time to get into.

    BrassGuys LLC is a Nampa, Idaho based business whose focus is providing components for reloading ammunition. They offer premium once fired brass casings in popular sizes including .223, .45 ACP, .40 S&W, 9mm, and 300 AAC Blackout. All of the rifle brass is once-fired military (Lake City), and the pistol is a mixture of military and commercial.

    Two more offerings that they have related to reloading are “Brass Butter” (case lube) and their brand new (as in just this week) TSP (Target Series Projectiles) bullets which are available in 30 caliber round nose, 9mm round nose and hollow point, .40 caliber flat point, .45 caliber round nose and hollow point, and .38 caliber flat point and hollow point.

    The Brass Butter was developed out of necessity to eliminate the tackiness that occurs with other products that have a short working window once the lube is applied (some as short as 15 minutes). Previous lubes they used during the remanufacturing process were getting them one in a thousand jam ups. Brass Butter has allowed them to go to four million (and counting) with no problems.

    BrassGuys is billing the Target Series Projectiles as “Match Grade Quality a Plinking Round Pricing”. Their spokesman, John Kitson (USPSA Grand Master), discussed his experience with the projectiles and extolled their performance.

    I have a sample of Brass Butter which will be going to a buddy that reloads and I will report back with his thoughts in a future lightning review.

    Tom is a former Navy Corpsman that spent some time bumbling around the deserts of Iraq with a Marine Recon unit, kicking in tent flaps and harassing sheep. Prior to that he was a paramedic somewhere in DFW, also doing some Executive Protection work between shifts. Now that those exciting days are behind him, he teaches wilderness medicine and runs an on-demand medical staffing business. He hopes that his posts will help you find solid gear that will survive whatever you can throw at it–he is known (in certain circles) for his curse…ahem, ability…to find the breaking point of anything.

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