[SHOT 2016] LMT PDW stock kit

    Among a number of interesting products on display from Lewis Machine & Tool, was an exceptionally short AR Personal Defense Weapon (PDW). Now, when we talk about short ARs, it might be in terms of barrel length, or maybe some of those different folding stock variants. LMT has gone the opposite direction, and has shortened the entire buffer tube by a few inches, in addition to shortening the actual telescoping stock as well. The stock is based on their Crane inspired stock that they have been so successful with and is copied all over,except that there isn’t a rubber pad for recoil absorption, in addition to the compartments/overall length of the stock has been shortened as well. Of course, combined with an SBR length barrel/upper receiver, firing the weapon in this collapsed position isn’t the point of the contraption. It could be done, but perhaps with some pain and minimal rear sight alignment. The intent is to keep the stock in the fully collapsed position for concealment, then to properly deploy the weapon, to extend the stock out to its full length or one of the intermediate positions along the buffer tube, and then firing it. I was able to shoot it in this position at Media Day and it wasn’t unlike shooting any other SBR AR rifle.

    The rifle will be available as one complete unit, but the stock system, to include the buffer, buffer tube, spring, and stock can be bought separately at $455. Needless to say, a traditional AR buffer and spring will not work in the LMT unit.

    To be honest, the whole set up really reminds me of those mini AEGs that were popular in the beginning days of airsoft, which were essentially shrunken replicas of full size firearms.

    _MG_7336 _MG_7337 _MG_7339 _MG_7340


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