[SHOT 2016] Comp-Tac’s Q Line of Multi-fit Holsters

    With as many pistols as we review here at The Firearm Blog finding a holster in the big box o’ discarded holsters can be a bit of a pain in the tush. I have resulted to a Safariland Pro-Fit paddle holster as my catch all T&E holster because it fits just about everything. Few other holster makers offered something similar leaving me forced into a holster. Comp-Tac saw this void in the market and decided to do something about it. With their new Q line of holsters 4 sizes will fit just about any current production handgun out.


    At only around $50 per holster you can put together a set of holsters that will do darn near everything you ever want out of them for around $200 or so. This makes me just giddy with excitement because I am no longer forced into using my tired old Safariland paddle. Not only can I add a paddle attachment from Comp-Tac’s International line of holsters but I can use that same paddle holster as a inside the waistband holster if I choose or even put the belt attachment on the shell getting yet another function out of the Q line.


    The QH is a hybrid style holster with a  plastic shell and a leather backing, the QI is an inside the waistband holster, and the QB is the outside the waistband option of the lineup. My understanding is that the QI and the QB can be converted for use with a paddle, belt mount, or a inside the waistband option with a mounting kit.