Century Arms C308 1K Round Torture Test

    James Grant of Burst Review puts a Century Arms C308 to the test by firing 1,000 rounds of 7.62×51 without stopping. Obviously he had to stop for magazine changes.  The C308 is a clone of the proven H&K G3 rifle. There are some malfunctions due to rounds not extracting. My favorite line is “It kinda smells like CRAYONS!”

    C308 smoking


    After about 300 rounds, the handguard falls off.

    C308 handguard


    The video is a little long. It is 36 mins long. To show that he did indeed fire 1,000k rounds, he filmed it with multiple cameras. One of which was a GoPro which the video from that is superimposed picture in picture and unedited. So you can see there were no real delays or stops between cuts of footage.

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