El Chapo Raid POV

    I am not sure how ABC news knows this is the Raid on El Chapo but it is certainly not GoPro nor is it raw footage. First you can see that the video is edited from different cameras. The shaky camera is actualy a Contour camera attached to the side of one of the guy’s helmets. He does not appear to be shaking at all so I think his Contour is on the fritz.

    Chapo contour


    Most of the officers are using what looks like an M4 with Aimpoint Pro and equipped with a SureFire M900 Vertical Firegrip light.

    Chapo light


    However there are these two guys with grenade launchers.

    Chapo grenade 1 Chapo grenade 2



    Here is a longer version of the video above.

    Helmet Cam: Operation Black Swan – Catching El Chapo

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