FLIR Announces “Its Most Affordable” Thermal Monocular

    Introduced at the CES show now wrapping up in Las Vegas (just in time for SHOTShow to move in), FLIR has announced the upcoming release of its Scout TK thermal vision monocular. The new Scout TK is the latest and smallest offering in FLIR’s Scout brand.

    The new handheld features FLIR;s “revolutionary low-cost Leptop microcamera core”, which FLIR touts as making the technology more accessible across a wide variety of applications.

    The thermal camera includes capabilities to shift from White/Black Hot, Graded Fire, and other video palettes. Start-up is in seconds (unlike old thermals) and batteries are expected to last for 5 hours on the rechargeable Li-ion pack.


    FLIR Rates the camera to see animals and people out to 100 yards. In addition, the camera can record video and capture still images for nostalgia or sharing.

    No word if a weapons adapter will be offered, but given the stated “entry-level” orientation of the Scout TK, its doubtful it could stand up to recoil. Still, hunters out in extremely dark conditions will find it a valuable tool.

    The FLIR Scout TK will retail for $599, with shipments beginning in the first quarter of 2016. Those interested can register for information at FLIR’s product wesbite:

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