Engraved Taurus Judge: Guilty…or not? (Pictures)

    The Taurus Judge can easily be described with a single word: awesome. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Taurus or a lover of revolvers, because when it comes to the Judge it’s one of those guns with a serious cool factor. Even those who are not exactly fans of the Taurus Judge have to admit they’d like to sling a few rounds down-range with one, given the opportunity.

    According to Taurus, the Judge is their best seller. The first model number of 4410 was changed to 4510, a designation meant to more accurately reflect its chambering. Of course, it’s the chambering that makes this such a fun gun to shoot; who doesn’t love firing .410s from a handgun (and, yes, .45 Colt)? Understandably, sometimes when the Judge comes up in conversation the debate finds its way around to the fact that this is a handgun that fires shotshells. The gun does not fit the parameters which would designate it a short-barreled shotgun under the NFA but it is illegal in California thanks to even stricter gun laws.

    The Judge was originally created for self-defense but has seen a fair amount of use among some hunters as well. It’s great for taking out smaller pests such as snakes and raccoons and there are some hunters out there who have used it on squirrels and coyotes. One thing is for sure, it’s fun to shoot. If you’ve never shot one, I highly recommend it.

    So, getting to the pictures: this particular Taurus Judge is owned by a friend and fellow hunter in Kentucky. It caught my eye due to its engravings and although it’s not impossible to find images of similarly engraved guns online, information is a bit limited. It’s typically described as a Taurus Judge Russian Roulette Special Edition. The cylinder is engraved with “guilty”, “not guilty”, and “spin again”. Every model I’ve found has been marked as “1 of 100” and so far each owner has acquired theirs secondhand so there’s a serious lack of information regarding the engravings themselves. Although I did shoot off a few emails looking for more in-depth details I thought I’d go ahead and share the pictures here. For one thing it’s a cool revolver and for another, you just never know when a TFB reader will have good information on a gun’s background.

    Enough talking, on to the pictures!







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