American Built Arms MOD*X GEN III Modular Rifle System

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
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American Built Arms announced the company will show the new MOD*X GEN III Modular Rifle System at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The chassis is designed to be a lightweight drop-in for the Remington 700 short action. The unit weighs about three pounds and two ounces.

The chassis is made of aluminum and is hard coat anodized. The forend has KeyMod attachments on three sides. The rear uses a A*B Arms Fixed-Adjustable Urban Sniper Stock, but can be fitted with any AR-type buttstock. The company also ships the chassis with a A*B Arms SBR P*Grip. It can also be swapped out for any AR-type pistol grip.

American Built Arms states the chassis will work with AICS-style magazines in both .308 and .223/.300AAC sizes. A push button style magazine release is located at the front of the trigger guard. The company states that all after market triggers will work in this unit.

“Over the past year, we received excellent, constructive feedback from a variety of law enforcement, military and competitive precision shooters who gave us some really great ideas on how to enhance the existing MOD*X,” said Jason Combs, President and Founder of American Built Arms Company. “We listened to their feedback and the result is the MOD*X GEN III Modular Rifle System.”

The company expects to ship these units in January. Currently, pre-order pricing is set at $799.99 for a black version and $899.99 for a dark earth colored one.

American Built Arms puts out a variety of AR parts and accessories like this AR essentials kit and this vertical grip.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • Andrew D - AllOutdoor Andrew D - AllOutdoor on Jan 01, 2016

    I feel like getting that new Ruger rifle would be a better deal in the long run than this, even if it would be a couple pennies more than this stock + rem700 action/barrel.

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    • Stan Darsh Stan Darsh on Jan 04, 2016

      @Andrew D - AllOutdoor Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of the sale until they were sold out. Hopefully they will have a good sale like that again soon, That is a hell of a bargain.

  • Patriot Gunner Patriot Gunner on Jan 02, 2016

    Keymod is sooo 2015