Polenar Tactical reviews AKB15

by Miles

Polenar Tactical has an in-depth review on the AKB15 from Arex that has just come out on their Youtube channel. The company seems to have kept the fundamental design of the Kalashnikov the same, not messing with any of the internals. However what they have done is greatly enhanced some of the furniture. Apart from the assembly of the gas tube, and the barrel that is made in house (cold hammer forged). In the video we see that the entire receiver cover has been replaced with a monolithic rail top cover that extended from the gas tube to the stock, where it uses a captive pin to keep it in place. Another captive pin holds it to the preexisting front sight assembly. One of these pins falls out in the video, but I’m sure that is because it is a prototype and full production versions will be all captive. The stock is based on the ACR or Masada rifle, and swings to the right of the rifle while still allowing use of the controls. It does look like it would get a little bit in the way when folded though. I think if the company sold the furniture kits in the states, that would be a great investment for any AK enthusiast, instead of having to buy an entirely new rifle, they could retrofit their AK with this removable top cover. It would have to take some modification of the buttstock though, because that was changed up to accommodate the different stock. I would also assume that the company would want to have them in black before they hit the market.


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  • BrandonAKsALot BrandonAKsALot on Dec 30, 2015

    So...A Zenitco tac'd out AK basically? Although I would love to see more companies bringing chf barrels into the country. At this point though, I'm ecstatic the Poles are for now.

  • Dan Dan on Dec 30, 2015

    Came for the Manca, stayed for the gun