BYB Super Bright CREE T6 LED Adjustable Flashlight

    It’s my privilege to report on many different flashlights – most of them being more high-end lights with a price tag of $50, $100 or more. Here I’m happy to report on a light, or to state it correctly, a light package that you can still purchase for only $16.99 at Amazon!

    Included in the package:

    -The light.   A nice, hefty aluminum handheld light with a CREE XM-L T6 emitter;




























    -An Ultrafire 26650 6800mAh rechargeable cell;
    -A charger for the battery;

    -A sleeve to allow use of an 18650 cell
    -A carrier that will allow the use of 3 AAA batteries
    The light is unremarkable in operation. Uses the familiar forward “clicky” style switch with activation of high, medium, low, strobe and SOS. You can move through the modes by activating the light then lightly pressing the button. Or you can click the light on and off repeatedly to move through the modes. There is no mode memory.

    An equivalent battery alone could cost $12-20. While the charger is definitely an inexpensive one, having it included is a nice bonus. And being able to operate the light off 3 common AAA batteries in a pinch is also nice.

    What I enjoy about the light is the focusing head, allowing for the beam to be shaped anywhere from a pure flood to a pinpoint aspheric spot. You can literally see the etching of the LED chip when set for pure spot.




    Definitely a package worth looking into, especially for the bargain price!

    Dan M

    Love firearms and flashlights – and they go well together. I’ve been admiring and writing about quality flashlights for about 10 years…built my own integrating sphere….done a few mods. Proof positive that a 60 year old can still love toys!