Indumil CORDOBA ESTANDAR Pistol Now Being Sold To Civilians

    © Lionel

    The Indumil CORDOBA ESTANDAR is the 2nd generation of the Indumil CORDOBA 9mm pistol which was originally developed for the Colombian military. The pistol is described as being 80% polymer and 20% steel. It has interchangeable backstraps which our good friend Lionel, who saw the pistol at the ExpoDefensa 2015 Show earlier this month and took these photos, said its nice in the hand. He noted that the ambi magazine release is unusual in that you push it forward, rather than depress it to release the magazine. Other features include ambidextrous safety and a decocking lever.


    The first generation of the pistol was adopted by the Colombian Army and National Police but a year ago. Youtube videos were published demonstrating flaws in the pistol. The company had to collect all the guns sold and redesign the internals. This resulted in the Second Generation version which has fixed the problems. In September this year they resumed production and are planning on commercial sales.

    I think it is safe to say consumers are going to be skeptical, especially with Youtube videos showing the previous generation malfunctioning (I tried to locate these Youtube videos but my Spanish is far too poor). If I was their marketing I would have designed a slightly different frame and called it a new pistol, not a new version of a broken pistol.

    Steve Johnson

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