SureFire Releases Genesis .30 Cal Suppressors

    SureFire has released their latest .30 cal suppressor with some bold claims. Specifically the Genesis 762 thread-on, “boasts the ultimate sound attenuation of any suppressor ever built for 300 Black Out (subsonic or supersonic), .308, and 300 Win Mag”.

    According to their website, they say the average sound is 120 dB for subsonic 300 BLK ammunition, which means there are shots that dip below 120 dB. Relative for even hearing-safe 140 dB levels, 120 dB is over 300% quieter. Other averages below (direct from SureFire):

    Sound Data Averages:

    • 120dB – .300 Blackout subsonic
    • 129dB – 7.62×51
    • 134dB – 5.56
    • 137dB – .300 WM


    Construction of the can is typical for high-end suppressors. SureFire states that the can uses a combination of stainless steel tubing and specialized Inconel (a high nickel-content alloy) for the blast baffles. The suppressors feature hex-head design at the rear and front cap for easy cinching with common wrenches.


    Interestingly, SureFire directs users who want first-round flash reduction and full-auto performance to look to their SOCOM line. While not a direct statement that the cans are not full-auto rated, it seems to indicate that the design was exclusively towards sound suppression at the cost of other capabilities.

    The new Genesis suppressors are available in both blachero1-440x414k and Flat Dark Earth and in two thread patterns, 5/8 x 24 (common to most US spec .30 weapons) and 9/16 x 24 (less common), bringing in a total of 4 available SKU’s. Retail is pegged at $1075.00

    Its a nice addition to the produce line on top of their wrist lights and flashlights. 

    Nathan S

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