Manners Elite Carbon Fiber Stock

    A friend of mine, Nick Betts of Krupto Strategic, posted up this picture on a Facebook group page. The stock system caught my attention. It is a Manners Elite Composite stock made of Carbon Fiber. As you can see from the picture above, it can fold.


    Here are some more photos I found on Precision Rifle Blog. Cal Zant, the author of the article goes into detail behind his choice of this stock system.

    manners-folding-stock1 carbon-fiber-rifle-stock1 6xc1

    The stock I chose was Manners’ folder model. While most shooters are familiar with a folding chassis system like the AICS, it isn’t as common on this style of tactical stock. But a folding stock can make a few things more convenient. First, you don’t have to remove the adjustable cheek rest to get adequate clearance for your bore guide and cleaning rod. So it can be convenient when you’re cleaning or working on the rifle.

    More importantly for me, a folding stock makes it easier to transport with a suppressor attached. So instead of having to take my suppressor off before I put it in the case (and then screw it back on next time I shoot) … I can just leave it on all the time. I know there are some suppressors with quick detach connections, but there aren’t many good reviews on those when you’re talking about precision. It’s common to hear shooters claim a quick detach suppressor negatively affected their accuracy, and even if it’s minor … they end up leaving it off more times than not. I went with a direct thread suppressor to avoid that possibility, and the folding stock gives me the option to simply leave it on all the time (and it still fit in a standard size case).


    Depending on what options you choose these stocks can cost anywhere from $600-$1000. Go to their website for more info.

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