New Meaning to "Live Targets" from the Ukraine

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Some training exercises leave a bit to be desired but when you’re in the military you’re there to follow orders, not custom-tailor your own CrossFit program. While there are certainly physically and mentally grueling drills and training exercises going on here in the United States it would appear the foreign militaries have the market cornered on “holy crap” methods. For example, in the Ukraine they take live-fire drills to a whole new meaning.

Breach Bang Clear posted this video at the tail end of October and while it isn’t brand new it’s still interesting. It’s a bit like a car accident – you should probably look away but you just cannot bring yourself to do it. In this training exercise which apparently took place in the Ukraine soldiers run in front of a berm – sounds normal, right? Not quite. While they run, with fairly small gaps between them, live rounds are fired. At them. In some drills the shots are fired in the gaps left-to-right while at other moments the shooter reverses direction midway. Small wonder the guys at Breach Bang Clear chose to title this one “Give Your Training Partner a Sucking Chest Wound.”

I admit I’ve heard some rather hair-raising stories from friends who have served in our nation’s armed forces, especially from the Grunts and SOF. I know there are more than a few military guys around here, both active duty and veterans, so I have to ask: what’s the most…let’s say, colorful…training exercise you’ve been involved in?

What do you guys think, is there any time where this kind of training is a good idea? Or could it possibly backfire in more ways than the most obvious one?

Some helpful soul came up with this link to a Ukrainian training/recruitment site of some sort: Take a look at Breach Bang Clear’s website at

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