Inland Advisor M1 Pistol

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
M1 Pistol

Inland Manufacturing announced the company will begin selling the new Advisor M1 pistol in 2016. The new handgun is chambered for the classic .30 carbine cartridge and uses the same action as the M1 Carbine.

The Advisor pistols have a 12″ threaded barrel with a military-type muzzle device. Overall length on these guns is 21″. The guns use American walnut wood and ship with 15 round magazines. Unloaded, each gun weighs about 4.5 pounds.

Inland Manufacturing includes a military-style sling with each gun. The suggested retail price is $1,239.

The Advisor name comes from the use of chopped M1 Carbines by some US combat troops in the Vietnam War. In the early days of that war, US military troops were engaged ostensibly in an advisory role. Hence the name.

It is said that troops clearing tunnels (aka Tunnel Rats) used paratrooper model and chopped M1 Carbines to better navigate the tight spaces. Some years ago, I had the chance to talk to a soldier who, due to his gift of shortness, got volunteered to do that dangerous job. Although he did not mention chopped M1 Carbines, he did talk about modifying gear to meet the very specialized need of the duty.

In addition to this new pistol, Inland Manufacturing also makes reproduction M1 Carbines (both original and paratrooper style) and 1911 pistols. The current company is not the original division of General Motors that made M1 Carbines during World War II.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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